Great Links & Tools to Learn From

I am not taking any credit for this list. I found this list and I am posting it here to share with everyone. I have checked most of the links but not all of them so if any are dead let me know and I will look for alternatives.

Security Forums

Tor Onion Links

Security Methodologies


Pentest Tools   (For Windows users)

Pentest Lab ISO-VMs


Net Scanners

Man-in-the-middle attack

Phase 1 – Reconnaissance: Information Gathering before the Attack

Phase 1.1 – People and Orginizational

Phase 1.2 – Infastructure

Phase 1.2 – Tools


Phase 2 – Enumeration: Finding Attack Vectors

Phase 3 – Exploitation: Verifying Security Weaknesses

Dump Windows Password Hashes

Windows Passhing The Hash

Windows Privilege Escalation

Linux Privilege Escalation

Tunneling & Port Forwarding

XSS Cheat Codes


SQLi General Resources

MySQLi Resources

MSSQLi Resources

Oracle SQLi Resources

Postgres SQLi Resources

SQLite Resources

RFI/LFI Tutorials

NASM Tutorial

Buffer Overflow Tutorial

Exploit Development

Exploits and Shellcodes

Reverse Engineering

OS Cheat Sheets and Script Syntax

Passwords Wordlists, Hashes, Tools

Privacy Tools

Links Collections


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