UAC Bypass – SDCLT

Penetration Testing Lab

SDCLT is a Microsoft binary that is used in Windows systems (Windows 7 and above) to allow the user to perform backup and restore operations. However it is one of the Microsoft binaries that has been configured to have the autoElevate setting to “true”. This can be verified by using the Sigcheck tool from sysinternals and exploring its manifest file:

sdclt - autoelevate set to true sdclt – autoelevate is set to true

Matt Nelson discovered two methods that can allow  a user to bypass UAC through this binary in Windows 10 environments. Both methods require to construct a specific registry structure however they differ from each other since one method can take command parameters while the other method the full path of a binary that will executed.

App Paths

The backup and restore operation is part of the control panel. This means that when the sdclt.exe process starts the control panel is starting as well…

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