Increase the speed of Internet by using cheat engine

you can hack your internet speed by using a small software called cheat engine. click here to download the cheat engine By using this program you can hack net speed,download speed,torrent speed,facebook games,pc games etc. step 1: first open cheat engine and click on moniter icon step 2: now click on firefox.exe and open step…Read more Increase the speed of Internet by using cheat engine

How to surf the web anonymously

One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your identity secret while you are surfing the internet is by using the TOR network. Tor tools are available for Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Maemo. The great thing about Tor except from its effectiveness, you really surf the web…Read more How to surf the web anonymously

Simple Server With Python

Step 1 Prepare the computer that will be used as a server. IP instance my laptop which would be used as the server is Step 2 Open terminal and type Code: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3124 if the result like this Means the server has been running well. Port 3124 may be substituted as much…Read more Simple Server With Python