Python Backdoor – AES Encrypted Traffic

What's up! Today, we're gonna be picking up where we left off last time in "Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python", so I hope you have read that before reading this or you will be pretty lost. LOL In a nutshell, we programmed a ~10 line of code reverse shell using Python's socket and subprocess…Read more Python Backdoor – AES Encrypted Traffic

Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python

Howdy! Introduction Today we are going to program a simple custom backdoor -- a few lines of code -- that totally avoids detection by every a/v out there. We're gonna be writing this code in the Python programming language. If you don't have the environment set up, never worry. I have another brief video/post showing…Read more Programming a Custom Backdoor in Python

How to Install & Config Python Environment

Hey guys! Today a quick preliminary post about the Python programming language and how to install and configure the environment. After a few polls and many requests, I realized how much people like the remote hacking series and the undetectable backdoor videos. I decided to put in some work towards it... and came to the…Read more How to Install & Config Python Environment

Python Backdoor – Privilege Escalation

Howdy! Today we're gonna be using a classic method to escalate privileges on a fully patched Windows box. Of course, we'll be using no other than the Python server & shell for the whole process. The reason for demonstrating this sole method is simple: privilege escalation methods/exploits vary from time to time and although some…Read more Python Backdoor – Privilege Escalation

Python Backdoor – Dynamic DNS

Hello guys! Today I am going to be demonstrating how to use a free dynamic DNS solution for our Python backdoor. Reasons to use such a service vary, like keeping a hostname reachable if you have a dynamic IP address, adding an extra layer of stealthiness to our current shell, or simply to stare at…Read more Python Backdoor – Dynamic DNS

Python Backdoor – Multiple Clients

What's good? This time we're building up on our code to support multiple clients, allowing our server to choose at any given time a client to interact with. No doubt this was the next logical step in the series, with still a few heavy hitters out there -- persistence, logging, etc. Let's get busy on…Read more Python Backdoor – Multiple Clients

Creating a Python Backdoor – Persistence

Hey guys! This time we will implement a persistence feature for Windows operating system, but more on that later... as per the last post, I felt it was somewhat incomplete. So we will be starting off in simple fashion just to get back on track -- it's been a while -- by making a privilege…Read more Creating a Python Backdoor – Persistence