*Note: I'm writing  this paper only to teach you how to protect yourself !

[0x01] What is Spam ?

              Spam in past, is something what we(Webmasters,Admins...) do to share something to a lot of 
           people(Websites, Products, Services ...), and that wasn't illegal before the really spammers
           come,these really spammers(spammers of today) make spam to share something what is illegal
           (Fake Emails, Scam-Pages, Phishing, Botnet...), all these they make spam illegal to do it,
           and this spam can make you busted.

[0x02] How to spam ?

         [0x02A] Spam Tools :

                   Spam tools are available for anyone, and that's a strong problem, cause anyone come
               to the Net say to you: I wanna make spam, and when you ask him about tools, he say:
               I had all tools, so we have two types of spam the really and the simple :
               ~> The simple spam :
                           It's the spam where we use the simple tools :
                              - Scam-Page (Fake page of a website(banks, mails...))
                              - Fake letter
                              - Mail list extracted by web scanner(A big mail list of people)
                              - Hacked/Paid Host (To upload the scam-page)
                              - Uploaded mailer / SMTP server (To send the letter to people)
               ~> The really spam :
                           It's the spam where we use hard tools to find it :
                              - Private Scam-Page (Fake page of a website(banks, mails...))
                              - Fake letter(included on the mailer script)
                              - Mail list extracted from database (A big fresh mail list of people)
                              - VPS (Virtual Private Server(root) to upload the scam-page)
                              - Private mailers / SMTP server (To send the letter to people)
                              * This type get result better than the first type.
               You can also make spam on chat-rooms, by Copy & Paste or by using a Bot, this Bot
               is a script or program what can send a message to victims to infect them.
         [0x02B] How we use these tools ?

                   We start by the scam-page, this page must be smart(don't accept empty fields) & with 
               a good style, to make it trusted.
               We get a Hacked/Paid Host or VPS, we upload the scam page to this server, then we copy
               the link of scam page & paste it on the letter(<a href="Scam_Link">Click here</a>).
               We paste the source code of letter(HTML) on the message field of mailer or AMS, we make
               sure our send tool(Mailer/SMTP), send to Inbox mail, then we generate the mail list
               (deleting anti-spam & anti-phish mails from the list), the rest is to click on "Send" button.
               And now wait the result ;)
[0x03] Spam tricks ?

                   Sometimes we find on Web some websites share scam pages (ready to download), the trick 
               in this is anyone use these scam pages the result will be sent to the page maker(scams website
               owner), this trick is used in all the world, all scam-pages websites, only the hidden emails on 
               a scam page with the existance of some stupid spammers can make you rich xD.
                   The smart scam-pages don't accept empty or invalid fields, and this make the scam trusted
               by victims. And to make a better spam make a relation betwen the mailer & the scam-page(Prv8)

[0x04] Solutions to stop spam :

                   The best solution to stop spam if you receive a spam message on your Inbox or Junk Mail is
               to find the link of scam-page, and send it to Anti-spam/Anti-Phishing websites, then these 
               websites will make sure if it's a valid phish, if it's they send a message to the root server
               (server where scam-page is uploaded), the root will delete it and make a report against the

[0x05] Warning !

                   This paper is writed only to teach you how to protect yourself, not to use what I said !
               And I'm not responsable if someone use it illegally :o .
               Remember This : The Spam Can Make You Busted, It's Currently Forbidden(illegal), So Understand Me !

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