Crack Windows Passwords in 5 minutes using Kali linux

Cracking Windows (xp,vista,7,8) Passwords With Kali linux. Using OphCrack. Using Ophcrack,You can crack account password of almost all the …

Cracking Windows (xp,vista,7,8) Passwords With Kali linux.
Using OphCrack.

Using Ophcrack,You can crack account password of almost all the Windows till date. And since OphCrack is the fastest password cracking tool,it wont take more than 4-5 minutes to crack a password.So let’s begin –

What Do You Need ?

Kali linux Live CD/bootable drive.
Rainbow Files (i’ll tell you what it is.)
Physical Access to victim PC.

So What-The-Hell is Rainbow Files ?

First thing that pops in mind when reading rainbow files is the collection of rainbows and unicorns flying,but no,Rainbow Files/Tables are basically huge sets of precomputed tables filled with hash values that are pre-matched to possible plaintext passwords. The Rainbow Tables essentially allow hackers to reverse the hashing function to determine what the plaintext password might be. It’s possible for two different passwords to result in the same hash so it’s not important to find out what the original password was. Just as long as it has the same hash. The plaintext password may not even be the same password that was created by the user, but as long as the hash is matched, then it doesn’t matter what the original password was.

So What Do I Need To Do ?

You need to download the rainbow tables matching to the OS Version of your victim PC,Get Them Here(I will provide a link). You can download the smaller files because they will work,unless your victim is the Head of FBI who uses 28 letter long password.NOTE : the vista files will work for Windows 7 and Windows 8 too.

Everything is Downloaded and ready,Now –
Put the downloaded rainbow tables in a flash drive,and pick that Kali linux Live CD too.

Let The Hack Begin –

Step 1 –
Boot the Victim PC with Kali linux Live CD.

Step 2 –
Now Navigate To The Directory where windows password files are Stored.

Step 3 –
Locate the Files “SAM” and “System”,and copy them to a new folder on BackTrack desktop.

Step 4 –
Run The OphCrack tool in Kali linux by : start->Kali linux->Privilege Escalation->Password Attack->offline Attacks-ophCrack GUI.

Step 5 –
Go to “Load” and select “Encrypted SAM” in ophcrack tool.Now it will ask you to select directory that contains SAM folder. Select the directory where you saved the SAM file (new folder on desktop).

Step 6 –
Target The Administrator Account,remove other account off the list (if any).

Step 7 –
Plug in the pen-drive/flash drive,Extract The Rainbow Tables to Desktop.

Step 8 –
Click on the Table button in ophcrack tool. Now it will ask you to selec the table. Select the files as required.Click OK after that.

Step 9 –
Now Hit the Crack Button,and wait for 3-4 minutes,You will have the key in your hands .

Link to rainbow files:

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