WinPayloads – Undetectable Windows Payload Generation

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Winpaylods is a payload generator tool that uses metasploits meterpreter shellcode, injects the users ip and port into the shellcode and writes a python file that executes the shellcode using ctypes. This is then aes encrypted and compiled to an Windows Executable using pyinstaller.


  • Undetectable Windows Payload Generation
  • Easy to Use Gui
  • Upload Payload to Local WebServer
  • Psexec Payload to Target Machine
  • Automatically Runs Metasploit Listener with Correct Settings after Payload Generated

Winpayloads also comes with a few features such as uac bypass and payload persistence. These are powershell files that execute on the system when the meterpreter gets a reverse shell. The uac bypass is written by PowerShellEmpire and uses an exploit to bypass uac on local administrator accounts and creates a reverse meterpreter running as local administrator back to the attackers machine.

Winpayloads can also setup a SimpleHTTPServer to put the payload on the network to allow downloading on the target machine and also has a psexec feature that will execute the payload on the target machine if supplied with usernames,domain,passwords or hashes. – imacket example

–Short video in bad quality– :pensive:

#Link to Github

Download Page


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