Malware Coding Series: Intro

Malware coding is such dark thing for so many programmers\people until they start doing it, if you think like an hacker everything will be much easier. I decided to start this series of tutorials to help anyone out there that want to learn how to make botnets,worms or any other type of viruses.
The programming language that i choose when i started programming malwares is python, but why python and not C#\Java or any other programming language?(many of you will ask)
The answer is simple….python. If you compare the client\server implementation of sockets with any other language you will see the difference..

C#(synchronous server):

You will definitely see the difference that python is very easy and simple to learn than any other language.
Another cool thing about python is portability, you can make your own backdoor and make it work everywhere Win,Linux,Mac… but also has no dependencies for example you can use any .py to .exe compiler to make it executable without any library.
In this series you will learn how to make your own FUD malware from scratch and i will cover:
-botnets(with server or controlled via remote control panel on website)
-viruses(crypt,delete,copy,move data, keyloggers,share screen…)
-making persistent threats into windows 7/8/8.1/10 with regedit
-no port forward no problem.. http is your friend
-use a remote computer as a proxy with python\visit sites with bots
-secure your malware from any other attacker


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