New Web User Interface for Hacking Functionalities (mitm, airodump, etc …)

It’s a Web User Interface with hacking functionalities:
– Manage Interfaces: up, down, monitor mode …
– Manage Process associated to the interface: kill, hide …
– Manage Files associated to the Process: view, delete, special actions for .csv & .cap
– Graphical iwlist (in real time) with connecting action and keys database.
– Graphical airodump (in real time), APs and associted Stations. Online/Offline (using last view seen)
– Graphical Host Discovery (in real time using ARP table)
– AutoDecrypter WIFI keys using patterns (test with Spanish WiFis)
– Actions for IPs: nmap, nc, arpspoof, tcpdump, sslstrip, set as targets, set alias …
– Actions for APs & Stations: airodump, aireplay, aircrack, chopchop, fragment, set as target, set alias …

– Very easy to add new actions & info.

Developed with PHP, HTML & Javascript.

System Info

IP Actions

1 – Decompress uwui.tar.gz in /var/www
2 – Run visudo and add the line:
3 – cp /var/www/uwui/bin/bin_intel/* /usr/bin
4 – cp /var/www/uwui/bin/scripts/* /usr/bin
5 – apt-get install weplab
6 – Start Apache:
/etc/init.t/apache2 start
7 – In Firefox go to

To show the info window of a node click over the icon
To show the actions window of a node click over the zone of the text.

If you want help me with the look and feel of the interface you need modify the files:
– /var/www/uwui/css/uwui.css
– /var/www/uwui/php/uwui_function.php

If you want help add new actions (new wifi attacks, etc …) or new info in info windows you need modify the files:
– /var/www/uwui/php/uwui_actions.php
– /var/www/uwui/php/uwui_info.php

If you want help optimizing or debuging you need modify the file:
– /var/www/uwui/php/uwui_core.php

DOWNLOAD…uwui_04.tar.gz    –NEW VERSION–


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