Fern Wifi Cracker with Geographical Locatory Mac address Tracker

Some couple of weeks ago some users of Fern requested a Mac-address key area in the programs database, After I added the feature to the program some weeks ago, then I thought to myself, of what real use would the Mac-address in the database key area really serve at its idle committed state.

Then it occurred to me that I needed to add the first feature to the Fern Tool-Box dialog that included a area to Track the Geographical Coordinates, display Maps, country, state country code and other geographical details using only the Mac-address of the WIFI Access points in a novice friendly manner, after all that was what Fern was made for, Yes! for the novice.

Here are some screenshots:

I would want to thank all those individuals, who have done all but encouraged me with my projects… I INDIVIDUALLY appreciate you guys..
And I can promise you that as long as there is life, those projects WILL LAST, I have a lot of plans for the “Toolbox area”, it will literally get filled with features.

The Fern project and source remains and can be found at:


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