Introduction to Information Security – Part 3

Info Sec cloud image - green_2

                                                                      Information security processes

The information security process is the method that a company uses to implement security in the organization. This includes elements such as:

  1. Risk Assessment: Includes the identification of threats and system vulnerabilities and assessing risks associated with them and the probability of their occurrence.
  2. Strategy: It concerns the plan to mitigate the risk that is associated with security policies, procedures and training. The plan must be reviewed and approved by the board.
  3. Authorization: Assigning roles and responsibilities to users involved in security processes.
  4. Security Monitoring: It is related to the use of various methods that will be used to ensure that security controls are efizaces and perform required tasks as required. Besides him, includes ensuring that the risk is properly assessed and mitigated.

Security policy implementation

Once the security policy is defined and approved, the policy implementation plan must be put into action. It is usually easier to create a policy, but very difficult to implement it. The measure to implement the security policy is to educate team members about the policy and company safety requirements.

To implement security in a company it is important that not only the staff but the senior management and the board of directors also participate in security processes. The senior management attitude affects the commitment of the entire company for safety. External people associated with the company as contractors and auditors should also support security processes.

The board of directors should clearly specify its security expectations of management and approve plans, policies and security programs. An annual report – or regular – must be done on the effectiveness of information security programs.

Security officers on the other hand, should have sufficient knowledge and training to handle a crisis situation. They should also have the authority to respond to a security event and have permission to take immediate action in times of emergency.

The company’s employees have to be aware of the company’s security policy. In addition, they must know their duties and accountable for their responsibilities. Their employment contracts must specify every detail in relation to its overall business.

The security policy should be made available so that employees can refer to it at any time easily. The security awareness program can be definidio. The friendly and informal lines of communication should be opened between the Information Security Office and staff.

Employees of companies must also be aware of security breaches so that they know fully the repercussions of violation of security policy. Otherwise, it would help the unintentional exposure of sensitive information Do for attackers or cause intentional violations.

The policy violations should be handled in accordance with the terms of the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) of politics.


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