How to become an Ethical Hacker (Pentester)


Hi guys, In this article I’m gonna tell you some effective tips on How to become professional Ethical Hacker. Well I’m neither a professional nor an expert, the below article is totally based on my experiences, knowledge and some tips by professional security experts. Since last few days I’ve been receiving few email questioning How can I become an ethical hacker? Its hard for me to explain everyone particularly, So that’s why I wrote this article and I’ sure you’ll like it.

Right definition and meaning of Hacker
You must know Programming and Networking…Proper and right sources/resources of learning…..Determination, Passion and Curiosity to learn

I’ll explain and elaborate On The above tips in short, that will definitely help you in learning.

The very first thing you should know is meaning of Ethical Hacker. An Ethical hacker is someone who is trained with Hacking skills not to hack or exploit but to secure target or software. An ethical hacker finds vulnerability in software/application and fix or report it to owner. Unlike ethical hacker, the hacker will exploit vulnerability. An ethical hacker has legal license and rights to test application for vulnerabilities. Don’t rely on tools.

If you’re assuming there is an application that can hack anything for you, so let me tell that you’re completely wrong. However there are few hacking tools that can be use to extract target information but there isn’t anything that can hack or find vulnerabilities for you easily. At some point few automated vulnerability scanners can be used to find flaws but they are automated programmed, Logical bugs like Auth, 0-Days, Advance Input validation etc require human brain to understand and find vulnerabilities.


For Programming I Sugest you Start with Html and Advance to Others Just to Get the Basics & Understanding

Without knowing programming and networking you cannot hack anything, because every application is created using particular programming language logic and connected through Network. Unless and until you don’t understand logic of application you won’t be able to find its vulnerable point. Just keep in your mind that all application runs on logic all you’ve to do is find a way to alter its code/logic and gain unauthorized access. As you know every application is moving on clouds so knowing networking is another important thing you must know.


This is another important thing you should know. Not everyone knows about OWASP, Black-Hat, Securitytube, Vulnerability Lab, White-Hat community and other sources of learning. Don’t be fooled by any website saying become hacker in 30 days. It takes years to become an expert hacker. Join forums, read blogs, watch training videos, Read ebooks, white-papers and vulnerability POCs (Proof of Concept) by Security and last but not least create a pentesting lab (Vulnerable application for learning) in your computer.

All The above tips won’t make you pro Hacker until and unless you don’t apply for course/license and get certified. Here are some few best courses to become an Ethical hacker or Professional penetration tester.


C-EH –>Certified Ethical Hacker

LPT   — >Licensed Penetration Tester

CCSN –>Certified Cyber Security Ninja

CHFI  –>Computer Hacking Forensics Investigation

CISSP –>Certified Information System Security Professional


Determination, Passion  & Will To Learn Is The Key To any System

Determination and Passion isn’t just words, It’s everything. Be determined and focus on learning, Always remember that “Expert in anything was once a beginner” and beginning is always the hardest part. Motivate yourself, Keep up learning. Make it your passion, Read inspirational interviews of security researchers on our blog. Always have the curiosity to know how things, How stuffs work, Remember Hacking is The Art Of Exploitation.



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